Room information
Check in and out
Inn 15:00/out 11:00 (please call if you arrive after 11pm)
Please note
Please leave your key at the front desk when you go out. Please do not forget to lock the room because there is not it by an automatic locking. Please note that guests are not permitted to enter the hotel.




Japanese-style 6 tatami mats


Guidance of room facilities


Vending machines

Laundromat (surcharge)

Smoking Area

Free WiFi connection


Ice machine

Hotel Facilities
Cleaning service
Wake up call
Courier service
Bike Rental
Fax Sending and Receiving

Mini Kitchen (No part)

Individual air Conditioning

Internet connection


TV/CS Broadcasting (surcharge)


Electric Kettle

Tea Set


Electric Stand

Air Purifier with Humidifier


Trouser Presser (lending)

Iron (lending)

Toilet with hot water washing machine





Face & Hand Soap & Shaving

Toothpaste set



Bath towel

Face towel



Room facilities and amenities
"Serta" Bed (manufactured by Serta) is adopted in all rooms
In order to provide comfortable sleep to our customers, we have adopted "Serta" bed (manufactured by Serta) in all rooms. Bed making is "Dupe-stile". Because the feather futon is wrapped with a sheet, the part that touches the visitor is always kept fresh, and the sheet is curling and supports a comfortable sleep.
In a semi-double size, slowly
In a single room, a semi-double bed with a feather Dupe-type futon. Please take a good night.
Free high-speed Internet connection (wired LAN/Wi-Fi)
All rooms have high-speed internet access, and guests with a personal computer can use it for free. (LAN cable arrangement). Wi-Fi is available in all rooms.
Nice to stay for a long time, equipped with mini kitchen (part nothing)
A mini-kitchen with a small refrigerator is provided (no part). It is convenient for long-term business stays.
All rooms with bath and toilet (hot water wash toilet)
Bath and toilet equipped with toilet with hot water washing equipment.
Laptop rental information (1,000 yen per night). Limited number
It is very convenient for making a business trip, checking e-mail, and collecting local information. 
Because the antivirus software and the history erase software have already been installed, you can use it with peace of mind. 
High speed internet access free of charge. To make a sudden material! (If you bring data or software into your USB memory, you can use it on your computer!)


Information of common facilities
Parking space
3 car parking available, fee: ¥1,000 (tax included/per night), by appointment
Shared facilities
Vending machines, ice machines, trouser presses, washing machines (100 yen per one), washing dryers (20 minutes, 100 yen)* Time of use of the laundromat (9:00-23:00)


Frequently asked questions
Q: Can I check in after q:24?
A: Yes. The reception is staffed 24 hours a day, so it's okay.However, please contact the front desk by the intercom on the left of the entrance because we are locking the door at 24 o'clock.
Check-in and check-out
Q: Is it okay to check out early in the morning?
A: Yes. All right.
Q: Is it OK to go in and out anytime?
A: Yes. All right. However, the keys are kept at the front desk.
Q: Are electronic cigarettes OK in non-smoking rooms?
A: No, I'm sorry, but if you use an electronic cigarette, please book the smoking room.
About the rooms
Q: Can I get a towel when I don't need to clean my room?
A: Yes. We will give you a replacement towel and amenities at the reception.
Q: What time do you use the laundromat?
 A: It is from 9:00 a.m. until 11pm at night.
※ when it becomes 23 o'clock, I will lock it, and, please finish it by then.
About the Hotel
Q: Is there any detergent in the laundromat?
A: Yes. Detergent is available.
Q: Is there a vending machine?
A: Yes. The first floor is in front.
Q: Are there any cooking tools I can borrow?
A: Yes. Cooking utensils include one-handed pots, pans, knives, cutting boards and tableware.
About Lent goods
Q: Do you rent a hanger?
A: Yes. Because there is a limit in the number, please inform the front desk.
Q: Can I receive courier service?
A: Yes. Can be received.
* When you send the invoice, please fill in the "X month Y days planned to stay (your name is full)".
About courier Service
Q: Do I need to reserve a parking space?
A: Yes. Because there is a limited number, please make a reservation.
※ Because of the roof, the height limit 190cm and use fee is 1000 yen per night.
About parking lot and bicycle parking lot
Q: Can a large bike be parked?
A: Yes. Please use the above parking lot.
Q: Is there a convenience store?
A: Yes. There are 7-Eleven and Family Mart within a few minutes ' walk.
About the surroundings
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